Item Banks

Inspect from Key Data SystemS

Inspect® is an innovative item bank solution written to assess the Common Core. Professional item writers focus on writing quality items that have content accuracy, range in cognitive complexity, and meet the rigor of the Common Core.

Multiple choice items include distractors based on the most-likely cognitive disconnects in learning. Constructed response items include complete rubrics and sample responses. Rigorous field-testing and item analysis are conducted to ensure the quality, complexity, and accuracy of items in the Inspect® item bank.

  • Access to a LIVE item bank that adds hundreds of new items every month
  • Developed by professional, high-quality item writers from across the nation
  • Items are created using an evidence-centered design schema
  • Allows educators to pinpoint which students are having difficulty mastering particular concepts
  • Provides rationales and comprehensive rubrics
  • Enables educators to make data-driven decisions to improve classroom instruction
  • Dedicated to creating individualized solutions tailored to each district's needs
NAVIGATE from Certica Solutions

Navigate from Certica Solutions® is a repository of high-quality, standards-based items that gives educators the ability to create a range of custom, formative assessments and provides variety and flexibility that allows educators to select items that closely reflect their curriculum and instruction.

The Navigate Item Bank is designed for use at both the district and classroom level to help guide and inform instruction. Accurate, reliable test data comes from well-built assessments using high-quality items. With the FAIB, teachers and kids realize the promise of smart testing: improved teaching and learning.

  • Over 91,000 items covering ELA, Math, Social Science, and Science
  • Access to 61,000+ items written and/or aligned to Common Core State Standards
  • Number of Spanish items 21,000+
  • Alignments to all 50 states' standards available
  • Regularly refreshed items and reading passages
  • Items adhere to best practices
  • Rigorous review process
  • Effective access to standards-aligned items identified with Webb's DOK level
  • Emphasis on informational texts, text complexity, solid textual evidence, authentic materials, and content-area readings
  • Paired reading passages provide thematic links
RapidResponse from SchoolCity

RapidResponse™ is a premiere Formative Assessments collection written specifically to inform and support classroom instruction and the re-teaching loop. Teachers quickly administer ready testlets targeted at one single Common Core State Standard at a time at ongoing intervals throughout the school year. Each six-item assessment provides meaningful and timely feedback on class and individual student understanding. Teachers also have the flexibility to develop their own custom tests using RapidResponse™’s unique and high-quality test items.

As demanded by the Common Core, count on RapidResponse™ to fully address the range of Depth of Knowledge and cognitive levels necessary, as well as the new standard of CCSS rigor.

Why RapidResponse™?
  • Premiere bank of targeted assessments
  • Provides clear, timely view to class and individual student understanding standard by standard
  • 890+ preconfigured short cycle testlets
  • Access to over 5000 high-quality ELA & Math items
  • Each testlet targets a single standard
  • Traditional and new Technology Enhanced Items
  • Balanced DOK levels in each testlet
  • Reading passages written to address Literature, Informational Text, Foundational Skills, Language, and Writing
  • Items written to meet rigor of SBAC/PARCC items
  • Grade-level appropriate text with varying complexity
  • Rubrics included for ease of teacher scoring
Fluence Learning Assessment Solution

Fluence Learning believes that educators want to use assessments to inform and influence meaningful learning. This belief drives everything we do from developing items and texts in our content banks to building custom assessments for school districts around the country.

Fluence Learning offers content banks and fixed-form assessments that are native to college and career-ready (CCR) standards and not re-purposed from legacy content. Whether it is Common Core, NGSS, or state-specific academic standards, Fluence assessment content meets and exceeds CCR requirements and thereby helps educators address important instructional shifts.

Why Fluence?
  • Content is developed using a rigorous editorial process that includes multiple reviews for bias, sensitivity, and ELL access.
  • Item bank includes ELA and math for grades 2 through high school
  • Content is tagged with DOK levels and includes distractor rationales documenting common error
  • Detailed, prompt-specific rubrics
  • Fixed form CCR Math and ELA assessments address key instructional concepts embedded in CCR standards
  • Pre-built assessments that address related standards and also mirror the SBAC IAB assessments
  • Texts include Certified Lexile measures, as well as qualitative text measures
  • Texts include authentic, contemporary, and permissioned texts
  • Math practices embedded in math content
  • Content requires students to provide evidence-based responses
  • NGSS pre-built assessments designed using the three dimensions of science learning
  • Variety of traditional item types as well as a broad range of technology-enhanced items
Measured Progress STEM Gauge®

Measured Progress STEM Gauge® is a formative assessment tool that supports classroom instruction in the transition to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)*. STEM Gauge provides students with opportunities to demonstrate understanding of the 3 dimensions of performance expectations as instruction occurs.

The NGSS call for higher rigor, a greater demand for evidence of student learning, and the integration of the 3 dimensions: Disciplinary Core Ideas, Science and Engineering Practices, and Crosscutting Concepts. As you adjust your curriculum to meet these challenging goals, using STEM Gauge can give you a better understanding of student thinking—helping set up students for success.

STEM Gauge has:
  • Topic-based item sets with 20–25 assessment questions built to Performance Expectations (PEs)
  • Teacher’s Guides with strategies for using item sets to provide evidence of students’ understanding
  • Formative Support Tools that help teachers integrate the NGSS into classroom instruction and assessment
Topic-based item sets include:
  • 20–25 assessment questions built to the PEs
  • Selected-response, constructed-response, and extended-response question types
  • Performance-based, developmentally appropriate activities for K–1
  • Topic overview, item index, and alignment information
Teacher’s Guides provide:
  • Suggestions for using the assessment questions in your classrooms
  • Alignment to the PEs in a given NGSS topic including:
    • Each of the 3 dimensions
    • Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels
    • CCSS ELA and Math connections for K–5
  • Instructional strategies for transitioning to the NGSS
  • Sample student responses and descriptive rubrics for constructed-response and extended-response items
Formative Support Tools include:
  • A template for creating curriculum-embedded performance assessments
  • Student learning targets
  • Student self-assessment checklists
  • Formative assessment collaboration tools

STEM Gauge topic-based alignment optimizes flexibility so teachers can use the items that are appropriate for the content area they are teaching at any point in the year. Each of the STEM Gauge topic-based item sets include 20-25 items that are designed to NGSS.

STEM Gauge Delivery Options
  • QTI packages for ingestion into your existing assessment platform
  • Within a partner platform
  • PDF files that can be downloaded and printed from a secure FTP site
  • Through our Middle School curriculum partner, Activate Learning

Reading and Math Assessment Resources

Measured Progress Formative Content Bank

The Measured Progress Formative Content Bank is a set of premium formative assessment items and preconfigured quizzes designed to help teachers gather classroom evidence of student learning. Natively built to support college and career readiness standards, the bank spans grades 1–12 in reading and math and allows teachers to assess at various levels of cognitive complexity.

All items support students in reaching the higher levels of rigor expected by statewide tests.

Measured Progress items help teachers focus on standards that pose challenges, and they diagnose gaps in understanding of new content. All items are presented with distractor rationales or rubrics, and scoring notes. With these tools, teachers can uncover student misconceptions and score open-ended items consistently and quickly. Students and teachers can get instant feedback on progress, promoting engagement in the formative assessment feedback loop.

Our item development and review process includes a detailed protocol and several layers of reviews by content specialists and professional editors. This process results in item content of the highest quality, which sets our content bank apart from others. Because we’re a certified WebbAlign partner, you can be confident that our items that are accurately aligned and meet the levels of rigor outlined in the learning expectations. Using the Formative Content Bank, teachers can confidently build quizzes and tests that provide meaningful evidence of student understanding and can make informed instructional decisions.

With the Formative Content Bank, you can:
  • Create reading and math assessments to assess a broad range of skills or a particular cluster or standard.
  • Integrate individual items into instruction, or use them as exemplars.
  • Collect information to plan instruction for tomorrow, next week, or next term.
  • Quickly assess a target group of standards in grades 1–12.
  • Address a range of cognitive complexity in a short form.
  • Deliver assessments in paper-and-pencil format or in an online platform.
Formative Assessments for NGSS Bundles

The NGSS Formative Assessments address the Bundles described on the NGSS website (

  • Grades 3-5 and middle-school assessments address the Topics Model.
  • High-school assessments address the Modified Domains Model.
  • Each assessment addresses one Bundle or Unit.
  • Each Bundle addresses two to six Performance Expectations (PE).
  • Each PE is assessed by a PE Module. Each PE Module includes a context/stimulus and two to five associated items, which cover the breadth and depth of the PE and the dimensions that support the PE.
  • All items include distractor rationales and/or detailed rubrics.
  • Item types include Multiple Choice, Multiple Correct Answer, Linked Multiple Choice, Technology Enhanced, and Constructed Response.
  • These assessments are designed to be completed in one class period (approximately 50-60 minutes) and include 15-20 items/tasks, each worth between 1 and 4 points.
NGSS Performance Tasks

NGSS Performance Tasks require students to solve a series of complex problems in a discipline-specific context.Our NGSS Performance Tasks:

  • integrate two of the four science domains and assess multiple pieces of the three dimensions;
  • include a context/stimulus associated with a diverse set of item types; and
  • are rubric scored for a total of 8 points.
What’s included?
  • 7 Performance Tasks: 1 per grade/course for grade 5, MS, HS
  • 38-43 Assessments (See following pages for Assessment offerings)
Science and Social Studies

To help educators prepare their students to meet and exceed the rigorous academic expectations and demands of the 21st century, Certica Solutions offers the Navigate Item Bank™, a dynamic, expertly developed Item Bank used for creating custom assessments at the district, building, and classroom levels. With the Navigate Item Bank, educators can select items that closely reflect their curriculum and instruction to monitor and track student progress toward mastering standards.

Science and Social Studies Content Package

To meet the needs of educators, Certica now offers a science and social studies content package of the Navigate Item Bank. This package comprises over 17,000 high‐quality science and social studies items that represent a range of cognitive levels and are aligned to national and state standards.

Science: 12,000+ items for grades 3-12; including the following high school courses:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Nature of Science
  • Earth & Space Science
  • Physical Science

Science items in the Navigate Item Bank:

  • Provide real‐life context and relevant situations.
  • Contain appropriate reading level and load, ensuring items assess relevant content rather than reading ability.
  • Include graphics that are factually accurate and model proper formats.

Social Studies: 4,500+ items for grades 6-12; including the following high school courses:

  • American History
  • World History
  • Geography
  • Civics / Government
  • Economics

Social Studies items in the Navigate Item Bank:

  • Use authentic, primary source materials.
  • Include content that ranges from the ancient world through the contemporary period.
  • Pose interesting and relevant questions.
Item Alignment

Items have been written and/or aligned to:

  • Next Generation Science Standards, including national and state-specific versions arranged by both Disciplinary Core Idea (DCI) and Topic.
  • State Standards for all 50 states and Washington D.C.

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