Shared Success

An integral element to SchoolCity's success is our customers' experience. Your success is our success! What does success look like? Success takes various forms, among them: high product adoption rates, teachers using data on a regular basis to inform and improve instruction, students learning about how they themselves can use test results to improve, data-savvy PLCs, and improved instructional leadership from site- and district-level administrators.

Practically Speaking

SchoolCity utilizes a tiered level of support to assist our customers. We believe that customer service requires a thoughtful balance of online, hands-on, and phone-based interactions. Members of your Support Team can be reached 24-7 via an Online Support Center. Along with speedy service, online support allows you to keep track of all submitted issues and response times alongside their related resolutions. Of course, you can also get telephone support, M-F, 5am - 5pm (PST).

Implementation & Training

Our philosophy is to engage you at every step of the implementation and training process so that you and your colleagues become confident users of our products. We provide you with the knowledge needed to fully utilize all the elements of our product(s). Our goal is to make our products as easy and natural to use as possible. Getting quality, meaningful data, after all, should be easy, allowing teachers to make informed decisions and acting on them in the classroom.

Customer Testimonials

Over the past two years, SchoolCity has worked very closely with our district in implementing their assessment platform.

Dr. Nicole Binder - Academic Assessment Director
Hillsborough County Public Schools

Having the data from the assessments immediately was critical to our success!

Shawn Allen - Principal, Lloyd Estates Elementary School
Broward County Public Schools

Our experience with SchoolCity has been exceptional. The system has been reliable. The support has been excellent.

Dr. Robert L. Averett - Director, Student Assessment
Granite School District

As a large, urban district, we need a software partner that can help us meet our needs, not just sell us a prepackaged tool. SchoolCity listened to our needs and had the expertise to make it happen. I consider SchoolCity a thinking partner.

Sara Arispe - Executive Director of Accountability and Data
Fort Worth Independent School District, Texas

Robust and Reliable Technology: My personal prior experiences caused me to be very apprehensive about online testing as a result of having worked with another vendor whose system consistently crashed and was not user friendly. We have been extremely pleased with the functionality of School City's STARS Suite. Despite nearly 13,000 tests in a single day, the School City platform never crashed and continued to operate at speeds seemingly only limited only by our own infrastructure.

William Brock - Instructional Data and Intervention Coordinator
Tucson Unified School District

We greatly appreciate the quick work from the SchoolCity team.

Lisa Cogan - District Shepherd
Baboquivari Unified School District 40

In one calendar school year Discovery elementary school went from B weighted School to A weighted School, part of the Accomplishments came from the usage of SchoolCity.

Angela Fulton - Cadre Director/ Principal
Discovery Elementary School - Broward County Public Schools

The visual appeal and ease of use, system stability, and responsive technical assistance department exceed our expectations.

Gayle Galligan - Assistant Superintendent
Deer Valley Unified School District

SchoolCity was amazing in helping us create grade TK - 6 Common Core Report Cards. Our teachers find the program easy to use, and much of the student data like attendance, CELDT, GATE, name, etc. is prepopulated for them.

Kathy Harris - Director, Educational Services
Oak Grove School District

SchoolCity is an excellent tool that I highly recommend. It provides the ability to review data in meaningful ways that help isolate subgroups or individual students who require additional assistance to master standards or skills.

Danielle Hinkle - Director, Assessment & Evaluation
Modesto City Schools

I have found the SchoolCity product to be the best out there in terms of ease of use and navigation, reporting capabilities, and the alignment of the interface to next generation assessments.

Jessica Huizenga - Superintendent
Southbridge Public Schools

The platform is user friendly for students and staff and provides immediate performance results. Detailed reports can be generated from the district, school, grade, class, and individual student level. Data is presented in a clear and concise manner to support instructional, curricular, and district decisions.

Laurie A. Regan - Assistant Superintendent
Attleboro Public Schools

SchoolCity has become an integral tool in our district that we could not live without!

Wendy Rutherford - Coordinator, Assessment
Hillsborough County Public Schools

Putnam County strives to create internal common assessments to individualize the learning process for our students. SchoolCity has become our partner in this effort.

Kathy Smith - System Accountability Support
Putnam County Charter School System

The teachers enjoy the ease in which they find reports after an assessment has been given, they like the variety of ways they can see the data their own students on the formative assessments the teachers really enjoy the feedback cards so that they can give parent reports to show the parents the student's area areaaa aerass no that's that’s…

Jennifer Swager - Assessment Coordinator
Hillsborough County Public Schools

It's very important to have items reflecting the types of items they will see on the computer based testing version to expose them to what they will be tested on. I always think of basketball players or football players and how they study their opponents prior to a game. It's the same thing for our students.

Jean Villus - Teacher
Morrow Elementary School

We have been working with SchoolCity for several years and have always found their service and commitment to continually evolve their products based on input from the field very exciting.

Glen Webb - Director Curriculum / Instruction
Morgan Hill Unified School District

SchoolCity is dedicated to protecting student data and proudly displays our iKeepSafe Privacy Certifications for Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and California Student Privacy Certification (CSPC).