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SchoolCity® SUITE Partner Districts present Assessment Best Practices, Growth Modeling Solutions, and District Student Achievement Success Stories.

SchoolCity Classroom Resources have a Positive Impact on Student Test Scores

Date: MARCH 5

Time: Session # 810


Topic: Classroom Resources & their Positive Impact on Student Test Scores

Description: If you are a SchoolCity customer, or if you wish you were a SchoolCity customer, this session is a must see. See how classroom teachers teach lessons directly from their SchoolCity platform - lessons that directly address identified weaknesses by Standard in true support of personalized learning. Don't miss this amazing new feature presentation!

Presenter: SchoolCity

Location: Ontario Convention Center 2000 E Convention Center Way, Ontario, CA 91764

When Students Lead PD

Date: March 24

Time: 12 PM


Topic: Implementing educational programs/poster session

Description: What do you do when you don’t have the big experts to build your dream PD? Simple. You call in the little ones. This session will show how to leverage student expertise to create meaningful and timely PD for students and teachers. Districts have many overlap​ping programs, not enough time to create PD in due time. Students can share their opinions on the direction of programs and supports they or their teachers needed, and impact the programs directly, by providing solutions to the gaps they had found. They can write fun, informative articles, lead the webinars, and produce a library of teacher training visuals in several languages, and help their peers succeed.

Presenter: Diana Bidulescu
Education & Cyber Security Strategy Officer

Location: Boston, MA

The Evolution of QTI in Preserving Assessment Presentation Fidelity

Date: May 22

Time: 10:45 AM


Topic: QTI has been around for a long time, allowing exchange of item and test content between different systems. Preserving presentation has been a challenge from the start. In this session, we will discuss a district’s application of QTI, the QTI capabilities and improvements in upcoming versions.

Description: In this session, we will discuss the evolution of QTI and how they address common issues in interoperability. We will share best practices for leveraging QTI to exchange item and test content. Additionally, a district will describe how QTI played an important role when transferring test items to a new platform.

Presenter: SchoolCity, OAT, HISD

Location: Baltimore, MD

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