State Assessment & Accountability Reporting System A FREE State Assessment & Accountability Charting System

SchoolCharts™ is a state assessment and automatic charting data repository reporting system. It instantly provides over 200 charts illustrating state assessment results for every school and district in the state. Charts are preformatted for easy comparison of data by grade, subgroup, and subject for state assessments and CAASPP results.

SchoolCharts includes hundreds of charts that:
    • Are disaggregated by programs and subgroups
    • Display trends across multiple years of data
    • Quickly reflect recently released state assessment and CASSPP Results
    • Allow campuses to view a comparison to their district, region, and the state for each assessment and subgroup
    • Can be inserted into documents or presentations for community meetings
    • Can be printed directly from the screen
    • Can be used to help prepare school improvement plans
    • Show State Objective data disaggregated by subgroup and over multiple years