Technology Partners and Educational Alliances

In order to deliver world-class solutions to the K-12 marketplace, SchoolCity has established strong relationships with outstanding educators, consultants, service agencies, non-profit organizations and technology providers.
  • Eagle Software.
    Eagle Software

    With more than 530 successful implementations of Aeries® Student Information System, Eagle Software is considered the benchmark in delivering data management system software, unequaled customer support and innovative solutions for California K-12 education. This unmatched experience allows Eagle Software to provide cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions schools, districts and educational agencies need to operate effectively.
  • Action Learning Systems, Inc.
    Action Learning Systems, Inc.

    Action Learning Systems (ALS) helps schools and districts focus on-and meet-their ultimate goal of increasing student achievement. They help school communities find strategic solutions by offering standards-based instruction and materials, research-based strategies, training and coaching, and intervention programs. They provide coherence across curriculum, instruction, and assessment so that every element of a school works collectively to improve student achievement.
  • Certica Solutions®
    Certica Solutions®

    Educators need the right tools to help students meet and exceed the rigorous academic expectations and demands of the 21st century. As part of this effort, Certica Solutions offers the Formative Assessment Item Bank (FAIB), a repository of more than 83,600 professionally-developed, high-quality, standards-based items for use on custom formative assessments. The FAIB is available on SchoolCity's platform.
  • Key Data Systems
    Key Data Systems

    Key Data Systems is an educational research and consulting company. Key Data Systems offers a comprehensive list of services, including the INSPECT® item bank, intended to help schools and districts ensure that students achieve academically. KDS offers a wide range of reports, longitudinal data profiles, data management systems, and assessment tools that provide valuable information allowing for data driven decision-making
  • Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE)
    Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE)

    SCCOE is a large California Service Agency providing instructional, administrative, human resources, business and technical support services to 32 school districts serving more than 200,000 students. SCCOE uses SchoolCity's software products remarketing them under the brand, SChoolPlan™ to more than 60 districts and hundreds of schools across the state of California. | SchoolPlan Story
  • Learning Plus
    Learning Plus

    Formed in 1999, Learning Plus is a nonprofit organization founded by educators focused on providing support for districts, schools and classroom teachers through increasing teacher understanding of successful strategies and practices. Learning Plus has two divisions: Standards Plus and Professional Development. Our professional development focuses attention on supporting districts and schools in understanding critical data and how to turn that data into instructional strategies to create success in the classroom. We have a full array of complimentary services devoted to creating quality assessments, analyzing data, identifying appropriate supplemental materials and establishing effective intervention programs. For further information contact us at
  • Academic Benchmarks
    Academic Benchmarks

    Academic Benchmarks is the leading provider of K-12 standards for education service providers, curriculum publishers, software developers, and educators. SchoolCity considers Academic Benchmarks the single best source of state standards in the industry. Our partnership ensures that all our products have the most current and up-to-date standards available.
  • Knowledge Delivery Systems
    Knowledge Delivery Systems

    Founded in 2004, the mission of Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS) is to empower educators to transform teaching practice and support the needs of 21st century learners. KDS assembles dynamic online professional development course suites by focusing on industry best practices and leveraging the expertise of renowned presenters. Through the use of powerful new technology, KDS engages educators in unparallel learning experiences. KDS maximizes scale, reaching a larger number of educators simultaneously and provides tracking and accountability with evaluation and reporting tools.

    SchoolCity STARS™ customers now have access to a wide variety of online video-based professional development options to meet their individual, school, district, and statewide needs. | KDSI & SchoolCity
  • Educational Data Systems
    Educational Data Systems

    In business since 1974, Educational Data Systems provides test processing, data processing and analysis, test reporting, psychometric analysis, and program evaluation services to state departments of education and California school districts.