High Quality Data Depends on High Quality Test Items

Assessments are only as good as the items that build them, which is why SchoolCity offers five large, high-quality assessments & item banks: SchoolCity RapidResponse™, the INSPECT® item bank from Key Data Systems, Readibank from Progress Testing, the Formative Assessment Item Bank (FAIB) from Certica Solutions, and Measured Progress Common Core Assessments.
SchoolCity Item Banks
All banks are designed to provide educators with reliable and balanced measures of student progress toward college and career readiness. Developed by teams of content experts, each item is designed to yield useful, valid assessment data that can be used to inform instruction. All offer extensive banks of items written or aligned to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and growing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). And many state-specific coverage alignments are available. All items:
  • Go through a rigorous content and editorial review process
  • Adhere to industry standards for quality item writing
  • Include rationales for correct and incorrect student answer choices
  • Measure a range of cognitive levels with varying Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

Formative Assessments & Item Bank

RapidResponse™ is a premiere Formative Assessments collection written specifically to inform and support classroom instruction and the re-teaching loop. Teachers quickly administer ready testlets targeted at one single Common Core State Standard at a time at ongoing intervals throughout the school year. Each six item assessment provides meaningful and timely feedback on class and individual student understanding. Teachers also have the flexibility to develop their own custom tests using the RapidResponse™ unique and high-quality test items.

As demanded by the Common Core, count on RapidResponse™ to fully address the range of Depth of Knowledge and cognitive levels necessary, as well as the new standard of CCSS rigor.

Why RapidResponse™?
  • Premiere bank of targeted assessments
  • Provides clear, timely view to class and individual student understanding standard by standard
  • 900+ preconfigured short cycle testlets
  • Access to over 4,250 high-quality ELA & Math items
  • Each testlet targets a single standard
  • Traditional and new Technology Enhanced Items
  • Balanced DOK levels in each testlet
  • Reading passages written to address Literature, Informational Text, Foundational Skills, Language, and Writing
  • Items written to meet rigor of SBAC/PARCC items
  • Grade-level appropriate text with varying complexity
  • Rubrics included for ease of teacher scoring
Key Data Systems

Key Data System's INSPECT®

INSPECT® is an innovative item bank solution written to assess the Common Core. Professional item writers focus on writing quality items that have content accuracy, range in cognitive complexity, and meet the rigor of the Common Core.

Multiple choice items include distractors based on the most-likely cognitive disconnects in learning. Constructed response items include complete rubrics and sample responses. Rigorous field-testing and item analysis are conducted to ensure the quality, complexity, and rigor of items in the INSPECT® item bank.

  • Access to a LIVE item bank that adds hundreds of new items every month
  • Developed by professional, high-quality item writers from across the nation
  • Items are created using an evidence-centered design schema
  • Allows educators to pinpoint which students are having difficulty mastering particular concepts
  • Provides rationales and comprehensive rubrics
  • Enables educators to make data-driven decisions to improve classroom instruction
  • Dedicated to creating individualized solutions tailored to each district's needs

Readibank® from Progress Testing

Readibank® is an innovative Item Bank that assesses both college readiness AND career readiness with over 10 different technology enhanced item types that all align to state standards and can be administered online.

Assessment specialists focus on the rigor, reliability, and validity of items to provide your students with tens of thousands of the highest quality assessment items providing the best coverage of coverage of new state standards ELA and Math, Next Generation Science, Social Studies, and Career and Technical Education.

Why Readibank®?
  • Access to over 45,000 new items written &/or aligned to new standards for ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies
  • Includes 10,000 Technology Enhanced Items so students are practiced and ready
  • Living Item Bank - curated and updated twice annually with 1,000s of new questions
  • Only item bank in the nation with 65,000+ test questions for CTE / non-tested courses
  • All Items written or edited by assessment specialists
  • 80% of items are at DOK 2, 3, or 4
  • Reliability & Validity Study available Summer 2015
  • All ELA & Math items mapped to state standards
  • Nearly 1,000 courses covered in Career Readiness
  • Career Readiness items assess knowledge & skills taught in CTE and non-tested courses
  • Courses tagged with CIP codes for easy lookup
Certica Solutions

Formative Assessment Item Bank

The Formative Assessment Item Bank from Certica Solutions® is a repository of high-quality, standards based items that gives educators the ability to create a range of custom, formative assessments and provides variety and flexibility that allows educators to select items that closely reflect their curriculum and instruction.

The Formative Assessment Item Bank (FAIB) is designed for use at both the district and classroom level to help guide and inform instruction. Accurate, reliable test data comes from well-built assessments using high-quality items. With the FAIB, teachers and kids realize the promise of smart testing: improved teaching and learning.

  • Over 80,000 items covering ELA, Math, Social Science, and Science
  • Access to 54,500+ items written and/or aligned to Common Core State Standards
  • Alignments to all 50 states' standards available
  • Regularly refreshed items and reading passages
  • Items adhere to best practices
  • Rigorous review process
  • Effective access to standards-aligned items identified with Webb's DOK level
  • Emphasis on informational texts, text complexity, solid textual evidence, authentic materials, and content-area readings
  • Paired reading passages provide thematic links
Measured Progress

Measured Progress Common Core™ Assessments

Measured Progress Common Core Assessments has a Formative Item Bank with over 7,600 items and 100 preconfigured Testlets that cover reading (50) and mathematics (50) for students in grades 3-12. Also included are 48 Benchmarks or benchmark assessments for students in grades 3-8. The Measured Progress Common Core Formative Item Bank, Testlets, and Benchmark focus on the increased rigor and depth associated with the new item specifications under Common Core. The cognitive demands outlined in the Common Core framework have been exceeded by Measured Progress' in-depth development of each item type expected to be seen in future high-stakes assessments.

Why Common Core Assessments?
  • Access to over 7,600 high-quality items
  • 100 Preconfigured Testlets
  • Common Core Standards broken down into easy to understand Standards Pacing Guide
  • New Technology Enhanced Items are released multiple times a year
  • Benchmarks allow teachers to better determine which standards can be assessed, and when
  • Addresses full range of cognitive demand (DOK level) in each form
  • Addresses multiple sets of standards
  • Includes practice assessments for PARCC & SBAC
  • Provides rubrics and samples for easy scoring of constructed response items