Improve Test Scores with STARS™ "What happened is the most powerful thing I've seen in twenty-plus years of education."
Kris Corey, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Fairfield-Suisun USD

At SchoolCity, we know that improved student achievement requires more than just great software. Although elegant design, powerful functionality, and ease-of-use are an important part of the equation, STARS™ is only as powerful as the training and support that come along with it. By combining the power of STARS™ with a robust professional development program, weekly webinars, and personalized customer support, we've helped districts improve at unprecedented rates.

Figure 1 compares Growth API to Base API for two targeted groups at Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District: Socially and Economically Disadvantaged and English Learner students. In the SchoolCity pilot schools, these two groups of students saw approximately three times the growth experienced at the state level.

Average API Change, State, Country, and Fairfield-Suisun Schools, 2010-2011

FSUSD was well on its way to improved test scores for all students (Figure 2, below). However, they were able to further accelerate the gains in their Program Improvement (PI) schools. The SchoolCity pilot schools experienced noticeably higher gains across the district. Individual school growth was higher across the board at the SchoolCity pilot schools (Figure 3, below).

API Increase by Fairfield-Suisun Student Groups - 2010-2011

Fairfield-Suisun Elementary Schools - API Increase from 2010-2011

Overall, FSUSD demonstrated that a systemic approach of regularly administered, rigorous formative assessments supported by professional development can lead to dramatic gains. Teachers are not only now comfortable accessing data, they're able to share that data with students and foster a culture of shared responsibility. Our work in FSUSD continues, as the gains are currently spreading throughout the majority of the district's twenty-seven schools.

What is happening at FSUSD is similar to the increased student achievement realized among many of our customers. Across the country, districts using STARS™ are getting a greater return on investment from their assessment programs. We look forward to sharing our experience with your district.

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