Customer Testimonials

SchoolCity has changed the atmosphere here. The teachers are more accountable and the kids are eager to try again.

Cindy Brown
Principal, Cleo Gordon Elementary
Fairfield-Suisun USD

Once in a while in your professional career, you run across a team of people who make a promise and deliver on it. Working with SchoolCity is refreshing.

Robert Mendez
Director III Application Development
Fort Worth Independent School District

As a large, urban district, we need a software partner that can help us meet our needs, not just sell us a prepackaged tool. SchoolCity listened to our needs and had the expertise to make it happen. I consider SchoolCity a thinking partner.

Sara Arispe
Executive Director of Accountability and Data
Fort Worth Independent School District

SchoolCity offers timely customer service. Things get resolved quickly. And that's always fabulous.

Tandy Taylor
Director of Elementary Instruction

Teachers are no longer getting stuck on debating whether a question is 'good' or 'bad.' Instead, their conversations have evolved into ones that are dissecting what students needed to know to THINK THROUGH the question and the nuances between answer choices.

Youngstown Public Schools

SchoolCity has been an invaluable partner.

Dr. Jacki Cottingham-Dias
Fairfield-Suisun USD

If we didn't have the SchoolCity system in place, I know we wouldn't be seeing this kind of incredible growth.

Martha Lacy
Principal, Weir Elementary School

Teachers are now more motivated. I'm seeing excitement and rejuvenation. What happened is the most powerful thing I've seen in twenty-plus years of education.

Kris Cory
Assistant Superintendent of Education Services

County Office Adopts SchoolCity's Products!

The Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) has adopted SchoolCity's Planning, Assessment and Analysis tools and calls them SChoolPlan™! More than 60 districts and hundreds of California schools are using SChoolPlan™ to improve planning, teaching and learning.