The SchoolCity Customer Experience

The SchoolCity Customer Experience

Shared Success

An integral element to SchoolCity's success is our customers' experience. Your success is our success! What does success look like? Success takes various forms, among them: high product adoption rates, teachers using data on a regular basis to inform and improve instruction, students learning about how they themselves can use test results to improve, data-savvy PLCs, and improved instructional leadership from site- and district-level administrators. Ultimately, success is best defined as increased student achievement. Our products and services are designed for your success.

Practically speaking...

SchoolCity utilizes a tiered level of support to assist our customers. We believe that customer service requires a thoughtful balance of online, hands-on, and phone-based interactions. Members of your Support Team can be reached 24-7 via an Online Support Center. Along with speedy service, online support allows you to keep track of all submitted issues and response times alongside their related resolutions. Of course, you can also get telephone support, M-F, 8:00 a.m. - 6 p.m. (PST)

Implementation & Training

Our philosophy is to engage you at every step of the implementation and training process so that you and your colleagues become confident users of our products. We provide you with the knowledge needed to fully utilize all the elements of our product(s). Our goal is to make our products as easy and natural to use as possible. Getting quality, meaningful data, after all, should be easy. Making informed decisions and acting on them in the classroom - that's the hard part and where you should be spending most of your energies! We'll help you there, too.