Here's What You Need to Know

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) give teachers and parents a common understanding of what kids are expected to learn. CCSS standards introduce consistent academic benchmarks for all students across the country. The Common Core State Standards are:
  • Clear, consistent and rigorous
  • Aligned with college and work expectations
  • Evidence-based
  • Informed by top-performing countries, reflecting our need to prepare kids to succeed in the global economy
  • Built upon current state standards' strengths
  • An integrated set of learning progressions building kids' knowledge and skills with increasing sophistication

What is SchoolCity doing to help districts
prepare for the Common Core?

That's one of the most common questions asked of our trainers and customer support teams. We're glad folks ask because, just as your district is preparing for its transition to the new standards, our team of educators and technologists are working hard to meet your transition and implementation needs.

We know that not every district is approaching their Common Core transition in the same way. Some districts have been planning for months (or years), while others are still determining where to begin. Some districts are interested in CCSS-aligned assessments, while others seek assistance developing measurable objectives and pacing guides. Recognizing that every district's journey to Common Core can be unique, SchoolCity offers a range of products and services to make the road a little less bumpy:

The Synced Solution™

The Synced Solution, developed in partnership with Action Learning Systems, is best suited to districts who are aware of the context and importance of the Common Core, but who aren't quite "there" yet in terms of the real planning and preparation necessary for a smooth transition.

The Synced Solution can be purchased as a 'stand-alone' product, or integrated within STARS™, our assessment management platform, for a truly comprehensive CCSS solution.
The Synced Solution is a web-based, mobile-friendly application
that provides K-12 educators with the first of its kind, end-to-end
Common Core State Standards (CCSS) implementation, curriculum, and assessment solution.

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STARS™ Common Core Resources

NWEA Common Core Item Bank
For STARS™ customers who purchased the NWEA Formative Assessment Item Bank (FAIB), you already have access to NWEA's Common Core Item Bank, which includes over 51,000 items aligned to CCSS Math and ELA standards. These items include multiple-choice as well as open-response items with scoring rubrics. Currently, NWEA is researching and creating the technology-enhanced items that will be needed to effectively measure the CCSS standards and Next Generation Assessments.

Key Data Systems' INSPECT Common Core Item Bank and Assessments
For STARS™ customers using Key Data Systems' INSPECT item bank and assessment library, you will soon have access to the Common Core-aligned item bank, which includes over 16,000 items (a number that is growing daily). In addition to the California State Standards-aligned library of assessments you can currently access, KDS is developing a library of summative assessments that are aligned to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium's summative assessment blueprints. These assessments will feature constructed response as well as nontraditional selected response questions.

The CCSS summative assessments are KDS' top priority and will be available for use for the 2013-14 school year. After these are complete, KDS will develop Common Core-aligned benchmark assessments.

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STARS™ Common Core Resources Available
for the 2013-14 School Year

Common Core-Aligned Intervention Plans
For customers who have purchased SchoolCity's intervention lesson plans, we will be rolling out new, Common Core-aligned intervention plans for grades K-2 for use in the 2013-14 school year. These lessons address the core skills students will need to successfully master each Common Core standard.

CCSS-aligned intervention lesson plans will be available for all grades in the 2014-15 school year.

Common Core Resource Library
Our team of educators and content experts are burning the midnight oil to ensure that STARS™' Xplore! feature is Common Core ready. We're redesigning the tool from the ground up so that our Common Core resource library is organized in the most logical, user-friendly way possible. Users will still be able to access resources directly from STARS™ reports, but they will also be able to search by skill, keyword, resource type, difficulty level, and more!

CCSS Implementation Solutions

In partnership with Action Learning Systems, a national leader in CCSS-driven reform, SchoolCity can make the migration to CCSS a success for your district and schools.

Implementation & Evaluation Solutions
Any successful CCSS implementation and evaluation must occur in the context of school and district reform. As educators, our job is to give all kids the skills and knowledge to be successful. Doing so requires leadership and a disciplined, structured approach to pacing, lesson planning, professional development and assessment. We can help you with each stage of CCSS implementation, from setting the context and planning for change, to implementing and evaluating change.

CCSS Assessment Solutions

Along with the thousands of CCSS-aligned items in the item banks we offer, our partners at Action Learning Systems can also provide SchoolCity customers with CCSS-Aligned Benchmark Assessments featuring:
  • Pre-determined blueprints with FOCUS standards
  • Multiple choice/selected response, constructed response, and extended constructed response items

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