STARS™ Intervention Materials and Scaling

SchoolCity's intervention materials include thousands of lesson plans covering CA State Standards for grades K-12 and, coming in Fall 2013, Common Core State Standards for grades K-2.

The intervention materials are aligned to discrete elements of CA State Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics. When using STARS™ and the intervention materials in tandem, it is easy to follow the Plan --> Do --> Check --> Act cycle in the classroom. At each teachers' fingertips are:
STARS™ CCSS Intervention Materials
  • Tools needed to analyze local and state assessment results
  • Reports that pinpoint where intervention is required
  • Intervention lesson plans linked to the CA State Standards in ELA and Math
The intervention materials supplement the district's regular curriculum. They include explicit instructions for the teacher to follow and require minimal teacher preparation. A summary of the number of standards and number of lessons included within each grade are included.
Educational Data Systems

Scaling with EdScale

Our partnership with Educational Data Systems brings the power of EdScale to STARS™ in California. Districts can do much more than merely forecast CST scores. EdScale provides scale scores for each of your formative and benchmark assessments while allowing you to:
  • Compute actionable and reliable student diagnostic statistics
  • Accurately measure student growth
  • Place students who take different formative assessments on a common Math or ELA CST scale, with common persons or items
  • Automatically assign valid, state-aligned performance levels
EdScale does these things without requiring districts to purchase tests from any particular vendor and without a lengthy preparation period. Tests can be changed or replaced from year to year without compromising the scaling system. No standard setting meetings are necessary to set cut-scores, as they are automatically equated to the state's performance levels. "Proficient" on the benchmark test means the same thing as "Proficient" on the CST for each grade.

Download the EdScale FAQ here!