Our City was built for Smart Assessment and Student Success

SchoolCity helps districts across the country create their own success stories with revolutionary assessment, accountability and data management solutions. Based in California's Silicon Valley, SchoolCity has been working with schools nationally to increase student achievement since 1999. Our integrated product line warehouses critical data within a user-friendly dashboard system allowing teachers to enact change where it matters most: the classroom. Our team of educators and technologists apply a nuanced knowledge of teaching and learning to help over 700 districts turn data into action in their school improvement efforts. SchoolCity is your one-stop destination for meaningful data management. We exist so that your students may achieve.

Our Core Values

SchoolCity's services and products are only as good as the help they provide to teachers, students, and administrators. Just as student achievement drives everything our customers do; our customers' needs drive everything we do. Our core values are customer-centered:
  • We Exist So That Students May Achieve
  • We Listen
  • We Stand By Our Customers Every Step of the Way
  • We Deliver Results

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Vaseem


    President / CEO

  • Varma


    Corporate Design & UI

  • Monica


    Education Services

  • Janie


    Business Development

  • Kris


    Accounts Operations

  • Kallesh


    Technology & Development

  • Dale


    Data Integration

  • Crystal